Luncheon of Sanctuary of Kyoto vegetables ◇ 1 person / 3000 yen ◇ 2 people ~

3000 yen

  • 9items
  • 2persons

Pesticide / low-pesticide Kyoto vegetables and Kyoto's reconstruction.We cook vitamin and mineral rich ingredients with vegetable oil and rare sugar etc.It also supports vegetarian and Lokabo.


● 9 kinds of Kyo vegetables

One item (seasonal fish or bird cuisine)

● boiled tofu

● 5 kinds of organic pesticide salad

● pickles

● Today's vegetable soup

● White rice or fifteen grain rice

● Coffee or tea or natural enzyme juice

● dessert

※ For people with Lokabo, you can change rice with boiled tofu or bread.

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2018/03/05 update